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About the Event Calendar
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Event Calendar Help and Information

  General Information
The Event Calendar home page is divided into 2 columns (below the header).
Event Calendar Columns
  • The left column displays the events for the current month - organized by calendar and then by date within the calendar.
  • The right column displays a mini calendar, a toolbar below the calendar, and a search window below the toolbar.
By default the Event Calendar home page displays all the events for the current month. Today's events will be highlighted in yellow.  Private calendar events are not displayed unless requested.  You may return to the default view at any time by any of the following methods:
  • Click on the home page icon Home Page Icon located in the toolbar.
    Home Page Toolbar
  • Click on the month name "November 2002" located in the mini calendar.
    Mini Calendar
  • Or select the "All Public Calendar (default)" option from the drop-down menu box located at the top of the center column.
    Drop-down Menu Box
Sample Center Column
Specific events are listed in center column.  They are organized by calendar.  Within each calendar the events are organized by date and time.

To view the details about a particular event simply click on the event title . . . "Corps Trip to Charlotte, NC" . . . and the page will be redrawn showing all the information contained in the database about this event.

To view only the events from a particular calendar simply click on the calendar name ("Athletics") or select the calendar you wish to view from the drop-down menu box.  Again the page will be redrawn and display only the pertinent information.

To synchronize a specific event with your Outlook calendar simply click on the Synchronize Specific Event icon in front of the date.
 Navigation Information
In addition to the features previously discussed there are many other ways to redraw the Event Calendar home page allowing the user to narrow or expand the list of events being viewed.  These methods use the center Drop-down Menu Box, the Mini Calendar, and the Search Window.

Drop-down Menu BoxThe Drop-down Menu Box may be expanded by clicking on the down arrow on the right side of the box.  After the window has been expanded the user may simply click on the desired calendar.  The page will be redrawn to reflect the selected criteria.  Since by default events from private calendars do not appear on the Event Calendar home page this is one way to redraw the page and view those events.  An example of a private calendar on the VMI Event Calendar is the Lab Schedules calendar.  Once a calendar view is selected for the Event Calendar home page then only events contained in that calendar will be visible.

Mini CalendarThe Mini Calendar displays a traditional view of the current month.  Today's date is indicated at the top of the calendar and also by the white background behind the number corresponding to the date. The "Expand to Print" icon Expand to Print Icon will open a new window displaying a print-ready traditional calendar view with the events (those currently being viewed on the home page) populating the date cells of the calendar.  The "month year" displayed at the top of the calendar is a link that will redraw the Event Calendar home page to display all events from the public calendars for the "month year" named.  The arrows on either side of the "month year" will change the month being viewed.  The left arrows will redraw the page to show the previous month and the right arrows will redraw the page to show the next month.  All events in the center column will correspond to the month being displayed on the Mini Calendar.  The events listed in the center column may also be restricted to a specific date by clicking on that date in the Mini Calendar or they may be restricted to a specific week of dates by clicking on one of the arrows at the left side of the Mini Calendar.

Search WindowThe Search window may also be used to redraw the home page and thereby limit the events being viewed.  Simply clicking on the "Search" button without entering a query or modifying the optional restrictions will return the public calendar events of the next 30 days starting with today's date.  If a query term is specified then only those events with that term in the event title or the description information will be displayed.  Custom searches can be made by modifying the optional restrictions section with or without specifying a query.

 Toolbar Functions
Home Page ToolbarThere are 6 different icons located on the toolbar. Each icon is a clickable link to another page or window. 

The Home Page icon Home Page Icon was discussed earlier in this document.
The List View icon List View Icon will take you to another page that displays the calendar events in a list format.
The Traditional View icon Traditional View Icon will take you to a full page traditional view of the calendar.
The Key icon Key Icon will open a window displaying the various icons used throughout the calendar site.
The Admin icon Administrative Tools Icon takes calendar administrators to the login screen to access calendar tools.
The Help icon Help/Information Icon will display this page.
The Synchronize icon Synchronize All Events Icon will open a window that allows the user to synchronize Calendar Events from the current view with their Outlook or PDA calendar.  Note:  Individual events may be synchronized by clicking on the Synchronize Specific Event icon adjacent to each event in the center column.

This event calendar was developed by the VMI Web Administrator using FrontPage.
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